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California is finally getting its time in the primary sun and for one Australian-US dual national, Golden Goose Outlet the hope is still alive that Bernie Sanders and his "economic justice" manifesto will affect change within the Democratic party.
This is Aria McLauchlan. She was born in California, raised on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and is now a 29-year-old registered Democrat residing in Venice in Los Angeles north. She just voted for Bernie and said she was waiting on the convention to accept anyone else as the nominee.
She spoke to us about what it's like to be a part of the US election process and how it compared to Australian politics back home. What's it like to be on the ground in California today?
"It feels like an opportunity to be part of history. So many times before California has faced the chance to shape of the nation and the world. The build up to today has been, I think, what's been most exciting.

"There's been acknowledgment, unlike in previous years where the nominees had already been decided, and the California results hasn't quote, unquote 'mattered', this year it really does so everyone is really counting on us. Ms McLauchlan is of course referring to the Bernie faithfuls when she says "everyone". Was there a feeling Bernie could win California?
"If enough delegates vote for Bernie in California that could tip the entire race across the whole nation in Bernie's favour.

"The popular mainstream media narrative is that Hillary is the likely nominee because of special superdelegate votes, but actually those superdelegates don't vote until July 25.
"I don't know if tonight is the night for a concession speech for the platform as a whole, there's a lot of math that still needs to happen and the superdelegates still need to be formally cast."External Link:@steph_march: don't expect a Sanders concession speech tonight Yeah, but what if Bernie doesn't get good numbers in California?

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