Davinci Motor Planning to Assemble Its Cutting-Edge Two-Wheeled Robot in the U.S.

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Davinci Motor Planning to Assemble Its Cutting-Edge “Two-Wheeled Robot” in the U.S.

Earlier this year, the Chinese company founded by engineers from the prestigious Tsinghua University, launched its flagship product, the DC100 electric motorcycle, in Beijing. After just a few months, Davinci was invited to attend the 2021 Automotive Tech Week in the U.S., a renowned conference of automotive technology. During the virtual presentation held by the COO of Davinci Motor, Qi Wang, those who attended the event got to learn more about the cutting-edge technology behind the brand’s flagship motorcycle.To get more news about davinci, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

Electric two-wheelers have flooded the market in the past couple of years, but there’s still plenty of room for even more innovative projects. This is what the DC100 wants to be – more than just an e-motorcycle, a truly smart vehicle. Equipped with more than 300 chips and 200 sensors, the DC100 is capable of “understanding” its surroundings and translating that information into increased performance and safety.

Some of the data provided by the motorcycle’s “integrated vehicle control system” include ambient temperature, battery temperature, motor temperature, motor load, front and rear-wheel speed, plus road conditions. All of this adds up to greater control of the entire power system, which equals a ride that’s more enjoyable, more powerful, and safer.

The company’s COO also announced that an assembly plant for e-motorcycles will be built in the U.S., most likely on the West Coast. The Chinese company believes that the development of electric two-wheelers is accelerated in the U.S. and in Europe, which is why it plans to extend its operations in these locations. The new assembly facility will also be followed by two showrooms, called “the Davinci Labs.”

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