World of Warcraft Eternity's End Gearing Previewed

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World of Warcraft Eternity's End Gearing Previewed

With World of Warcraft Eternity’s End update revealed last week, the community has been asking about when the PTR might be available for players to start testing. According to Blizzard, The PTR is on the way but the team has a few steps to complete first before it can be released so it should likely open after the Thanksgiving holiday.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

As far as gear in the update, there is some more solid news. Some of what we can expect in the update include class armor sets making a return. This time, they'll be available from bosses in the new Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, the Great Vault (raids, Mythic+, PvP), and from the Creation Catalyst. The new Runecarving power lets you use existing Shadowlands legendaries together to give you new options for damage or healing.

At the base is the Progenitor armor set. This set will give you new abilities depending on what class you play. The pieces include a helm, gauntlets, shoulders, chest, and leggings, with two possible set bonuses. The first bonus is unlocked with 2 pieces equipped and the second, when you have four. What kind of powers will you get? For a Druid, with two pieces equipped using Swiftmend will heal an additional amount for each healing effect that hits the target. With 4 pieces equipped, using Swiftmend Set will heal nearby allies for a percentage of healing done.

There will be a new currency called Cosmic Flux. You'll be able to get this from defeating raid bosses, PVP, world quests, and more. Spend it to upgrade armor. Creation Catalyst uses Cosmic Flux you obtained alongside a different armor piece that will create a Progenitor armor piece for the slot of the item you provided.

There will also be a new legendary belt obtainable with power from your Covenant’s Runecraving effect. It will also match the look of your class Progenitor armor set and you can equip it alongside that Shadowlands legendary that you obtained in a different spot.

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