Here are the best smart locks for 2022

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Here are the best smart locks for 2022

There weren’t many ways August could improve on its best-in-class retrofit lock. However, the model just released in May 2022 saw some serious real estate management with its own built-in WiFi hardware enclosed in a design that’s nearly half the size of its predecessor.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

The new design, though only distinctive from the older version by size and a different grip along the side, is the product of a collaboration with industrial designer Yves Béhar. August's minimalism reaches further by nixing the need to for a separate connecting hub. Instead, the app gives a list of nearby networks just like you'd connect to WiFi on a laptop.

Landlords probably won't give the green light to ripping out the deadbolt on your apartment's door. Retrofit locks are a much safer option for renters, and the August lock is the market's most advanced retrofit lock that still provides options and smooth app functioning for roommates.

August keeps entry short and sweet by forgoing keypads and scanners and relying on the app, auto-unlock based on your phone’s presence, or voice commands. Through the app, you can also set up timed or recurring guest access and turn on phone or Apple Watch notifications for things like someone attempting to manually unlock the door, or kids coming home.
The internet agrees that it’s hard to beat the Yale Assure Lock SL. In fact, you’ll rarely see a “best smart locks” list that doesn't rank this model in the top three. That's not surprising — Yale has been building its home security expertise since 1840. (It’s the company to thank for the cylinder lock and pin tumbler safe lock.)

The Connected by August stamp loops you into the painless app connectivity that August is known for. However, the biggest news is that this Assure model is WiFi-enabled (which ultimately means auto-unlock upon arrival is supported) and works with Google Home and Alexa instead of limiting to Apple Homekit or Z-wave hubs like its sibling locks.

Rental tenants losing their key is more than an inconvenience for the owner — it's a security risk for anyone else who stays there. The Yale Assure SL is 100% keyless and can be synced with the Airbnb app to automatically send temporary virtual keys to guests once they've booked. Up to 250 codes can be stored at once.

There’s not much to figure out about this touchscreen. A quick place of your palm on the keypad locks the door. Another touch of your palm lights up the numbers for you to enter your code and hit the check mark. (You can also use the app or enable auto-unlock).
We love the Schlage Sense (pronounced like vague, but with an "sh") because it boosts the usability of a regular lock without overcomplicating or being completely reliant on a phone or WiFi.

Unlike the Lockly's confusing screen, the Schlage's illuminated keypad and large numbers are easy on the eyes. Unlike the keyless Yale Assure SL, the Schlage keeps the old-fashioned keyhole that some just prefer, dammit.

Aside from setup and the occasional firmware update, the Schlage Sense can essentially operate smartphone- or tablet-free. When the app is needed, it's a breeze to use. Adding codes for new users and setting schedules (like locking every night at 10 p.m.) can be done with a click or two on the home screen. Caregivers or relatives can also use the app to manage the lock remotely.

Note: The Schlage Sense is for Echo devices and HomeKit, iPhone, and iPad users while the nearly-identical Schlage Connect works with Zigbee hubs like SmartThings, the Echo Plus, or a Ring doorbell. The third model in the Schlage family is the Encode. It doesn't require setting up a separate WiFi hub, but that built-in WiFi is a major battery drainer, which isn't the easiest for upkeep. The Sense can run on the same lithium-ion batteries for a year or more.
The circular keypad around an LED-lighted fingerprint scanner make the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro look more like the safe in a spy movie than a lock for the average front door. The heavy-duty vibe isn't elegant, but with six different ways to unlock the door, the design is appropriately badass.

At $179, the U-Bolt Pro is a pretty budget-friendly way to add biometrics to your home’s armor. Some users have reported the scanner being finicky on occasion, but for the most part, it recognizes fingers quickly and lights up green if it’s a match, and red if it’s not. Each person can create a user profile and add up to two fingerprints per profile — a much more effortless approach for kids who might forget a key and a PIN.

You can also use a passcode, voice commands with Google Assistant or Alexa, a button on the Ultraloq app, or location-based auto locking and locking. The shake-to-open feature is unique, though it probably won’t be your go-to. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with your door unlocking any time your phone is in a specified proximity to home (say, if someone else has your phone), Magic Shake lets you set a certain number of times that the phone has to be shaken for the deadbolt to release.

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