Premier League 2020-21 kit power rankings

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Premier League 2020-21 kit power rankings

Just 48 days after the end of the last campaign, the 2020-21 Premier League season will get underway on Sept. 12.If that short recess makes it difficult to tell one season from the next, don't worry: we have a fresh batch of kits, with teams releasing their new home, away and (for clubs that have released them) third alternate uniforms.Get more news about mens soccer shorts,you can vist futbolucl!

There are some re-imagined classics, daring new designs and a few misguided efforts that are unlikely to fly off the shelves.We have compiled every one of them here and ranked each club by their collective output from worst to best.

Newcastle's traditional black-and-white vertical stripes, with all-black sleeves and no other embellishments, give the jersey a timeless, if underwhelming, look.

Things get more vivid as we delve deeper into the Magpies' new wardrobe with a garish block of fluorescent yellow that we don't expect to see break any sales records at the Newcastle club shop this season.

Newcastle's third kit takes us down another level, with manufacturers Puma unleashing tessellated purple triangles and more flashes of that toxic yellow to launch a barrage on our retinas. We just hope this jersey won't ruin the spectacle of an Allan Saint-Maximin backflip.

Just a generic, slightly clingy-looking Villa jersey in claret with sky-blue sleeves. It's adequate and uninspiring: a bit like their 2019-20 Premier League season.The away kit is little more interesting in terms of design, with fine claret pinstripes on an inky blue background and the two-tone collar affording it an air of class.

The colour is described as a "subtle light pink," but it looks like they were ice-white until somebody accidentally washed them with the home jerseys on a high temperature.

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