The Swarez sculptures near completion

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The Swarez sculptures near completion

It’s a little unusual for me as it’s not painted. I appreciate that may seem at odds with what I do (with my paintings) but the whole point of this was to get somewhere near, in metal, to the shapes and patterns I create with paint.Get more news about Kitchen Aluminium Plinth,you can vist our website!

This is the first successful piece that has come back from being powder coated and I have to say I am ecstatic with the quality and finish.

To begin with they will be around 2 – 3 feet tall and sit on a polished granite base (or similar). No prices yet (although I’m aiming to come in at a starting point below £1000). I am hopeful I can get a range of assorted pieces out before Christmas.

Initially they’ll be suited to sitting on wall units and console tables, alcoves, coffee tables and other places where you can stand things.Whilst I intend to keep the process under wraps I am keen to express the uncontrollable excitement I have, now the finished pieces are almost ready to carry the Swarez signature.

There’s still some way to go with figuring out how to stop them falling over (and for those who also want to wall-mount them) but that should get figured out pretty soon.

And don’t worry if you’re reading this from outside the UK – they will ship in crates to any country once I have the site set up for secure payments and automated global shipping.I am shortly going to trial some of the test pieces with paint. This is to see what happens when I go nuts with my enamels. I suspect they should be left alone but I have to have a go at painting one or two just to make sure. To be honest the powder coating is so good they really need to be left as they are, but curiosity is a powerful thing!

The powder coating finish also means the sculptures can be put outside – this opens up a whole world of potential for larger pieces that can sit outdoors in all weathers.

Outdoor wall mounting may also be an option. I reckon I can adapt them to stand or hang almost anywhere.

All feedback welcome of course (be gentle!). I would love to know what you think. Bear in mind this is all about the beauty and rawness of the organic forms of the metal.

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