French Brand Lacoste Unveils 2021 Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection

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se unió: 02/05/2021

French Brand Lacoste Unveils 2021 Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection

French brand Lacoste just unveiled their latest Fall 2021 Ready-To-Wear collection. Known for their streetwear but also chic and simple style, the brand have delivered a unisex collection to be even more open to the customers. For this collection, not only are their trademark colors present, but also the comfort is here also.Get more news about lacoste polo shirt sale,you can vist!

Athleisure and luxury are the two main words of this collection because jogging doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. So Lacoste have created a colorful collection and a way for everyone to have their own luxury street style and of course a touch of French style to top it off.

The accessories are also unisex, from simple clutch, caps, sunglasses and shoes, which are mainly open poll slides paired with socks and as we say in French ‘claquettes chaussettes’ (clearly only in France do we come up with these expressions). Both the socks and footwear are very bright to go with the outfits.

The goal of the collection and as Louise Trotter describes: “Capture the active lifestyle that we share today and that blurs between home life, work, and play“. In the end, Trotter’s Fall 2021 Lacoste collection delivers cut into lively hued polos, groovy tracksuits and cardigans.

The collection also comes with some windbreakers, trousers, jogging, coats and many upcycle pieces. As COVID is still around the corner, buying more comfy and stylish clothes isn’t going to hurt anyone.

It looks to be inspired directly by Louise Trotter’s style, as she is often dressed in slouchy polo, quite mannish trousers, white sneakers, and aviator glasses. She is the perfect model to make us understand how Lacoste’s collection is a statement.

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