Italdesign DaVinci concept previews electric grand tourer

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se unió: 02/05/2021

Italdesign DaVinci concept previews electric grand tourer

Although Italdesign predominantly undertakes styling work for other car firms, its own branded designs have included the Zerouno sports car, from which the new DaVinci takes some stylistic cues such as the Y-Duct bonnet air duct system. The truncated back end features an active spoiler and some outrageous rear lights in an exploded design. It also has expansive gullwing doors, through which the front and back seats can be accessed at the same time.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.

The interior is home to an asymmetrical dashboard that is slightly angled towards the driver. There are three screens: one replacing the driver’s instrument panel behind the steering wheel; one in front of the passenger; and another atop the central tunnel, from which major functions such as climate, infotainment and travel data can be controlled.

Elsewhere, the interior’s Alcantara fabric is interactive, featuring control buttons directly integrated into the upholstery. Up front, backlit controls shine out from inside the dashboard fabric, as opposed to conventional buttons.

The new car will not go into production as it is, but is instead intended as a platform for other brands to adopt and alter to their own preferences. Italdesign says that "with a few changes", the DaVinci is ready for production. There is no engine or electric motor, for instance, although the platform is capable of housing one electric motor in the front and one on the rear axle, with space for batteries in the chassis floor.

There is also a version that can accommodate an internal combustion engine with some modifications to the central tunnel, in which components for transmission and all-wheel drive can nominally be fitted. The version was developed around a 4.0-litre V8.Specific stats surrounding potential performance are unavailable, although the general design of the car, as well as Italdesign’s history and reputation, suggest the DaVinci platform will be no sloth, regardless of which brands make it their own. Similarly, there is no mention of boot space, if applicable.

The DaVinci is also featured with Pirelli’s ‘Elect’ tyres, which are specially designed for use in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, delivering a low rolling resistance and low road noise.

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