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Mountain biking’s relationship with carbon fiber rims is backwards. So many innovative technologies that started off-road were eventually, grudgingly, adopted on road bikes (disc brakes, single-ring drivetrains, tubeless tires). But carbon rims were prolific in the road marketplace before they became common on mountain bikes.To get more news about Carbon rims, you can visit zpebicycle official website.

In the last few years, things have changed and there are tons of carbon wheel choices for everyone from XC racers to downhillers. It is almost hard to pick a carbon wheelset with so many brands in the mix.

That’s why Revel’s RW30 wheels caught our attention and merited a review. Despite being the Colorado bike brand’s first wheel offering, they feature novel carbon technology.Carbon fiber technology typically combines a fabric with an epoxy resin that is molded, pressurized, heated, and cured to make it all stick together. There are many process variations but it is often done by hand and requires a bit of cleanup afterward to sand the epoxy or clear-coat the raw carbon finish.

Revel teamed up with a Utah aerospace company to bring a new carbon fiber construction to the cycling realm. Fusion Fiber is a carbon fiber material and process that does not use epoxy resin. Instead, this carbon has a nylon-like polymer, which is more pliable than a cured epoxy. Revel says Fusion Fiber leads to a manufacturing process that is more efficient, less time-consuming, more environmentally friendly, and capable of producing a better rim.

Without resin, Fusion Fiber has an unlimited shelf-life and doesn’t require refrigeration like most conventional carbon used in bike parts. Robots, rather than people, lay up the carbon rims for further consistency. Do not worry, these are friendly robots. Finally, the rims cure in a matter of seconds, not minutes, and come out of the mold ready to go, not requiring further finishing work.Revel claims that Fusion Fiber affords greater durability, which is key for off-road rims. Plus, according to their engineers, if damage is incurred, this carbon technology helps prevent cracks from propagating. So, hopefully, if you crack an RW30, it won’t be catastrophic, so you can finish the ride. Whether or not that’s the case on the trail, Revel backs its rims with a generous lifetime warranty and recycles broken rims that are returned for warranty.

The fact that Fusion Fiber can be recycled is a big deal. Revel rims can be recycled into new products while the majority of traditional carbon fiber products end up in a landfill where it will never decompose.When you spend two-grand on a pair of bike wheels, expectations are high, and happily the Revel wheels are a polished product right out of the box. The shiny graphics pop, but are subtle enough. The five, swoopy circle logos offset 90-degrees from the valve stem are a riff on the Revel “R” logo. Maybe they look a little like a DoorDash icon, but who are we to talk!?

Like most tubeless rims, the RW30 employs basic tubeless-ready rim tape. That works just fine, but as always, be mindful if you resort to tire levers. Fortunately, my new 2.5” Maxxis Assegai WT and 2.4” Maxxis DHR WT tires mounted easily by hand.

It’s a tremendously small nit to pick, but it would be nice to have a rubber o-ring beneath the valve stems’ nuts so they cinch tightly the first time. I had to snug up the valve nuts after my first ride.

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