'World of Warcraft' goes to the pandas: Will you play?

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'World of Warcraft' goes to the pandas: Will you play?

The Pandaren -- a race of large humanoid pandas -- are part of a new expansion to the hugely popular online role-playing game. "Mists of Pandaria" is the fourth expansion to "World of Warcraft" -- a game that has been pulling in millions of players from around the globe for eight years now.To get more news about buy wow classic items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

But the expansion, which goes live at midnight Pacific Time Tuesday (3 a.m. Eastern Time), includes much more than just, well, kung fu bears. Among the new offerings: a new pet battle system, a raised level cap from 85 to 90, a new Monk character class, as well as new dungeons, raids and battlegrounds.

In fact, there's so much happening in the expansion that Blizzard has released a lengthy trailer outlining the new content and features that await players. Check it out here:Here is a list of the "Mists of Pandaria" launch times for different regions. And Blizzard has posted additional details about the midnight launch here.

Blizzard is hoping that this expansion will renew interest in the aging game. At its peak back in 2010 "WoW" boasted some 12 million players. But with time -- and increased competition from online games such as "Star Wars: The Old Republic" and now "Guild Wars 2" -- "WoW" has slowly bled players. In June of this year it reported 9 million players.

But advance reaction to "Mists of Pandaria" has been ... mixed. While some are excited for the refresh, it seems not everyone wants to cuddle up to the kung fu pandas and their Pokemon-esque fighting pets.WoW will never be the same after this one," writes a YouTube commenter going by the name Golarath59. "Instead of Sargeras, the Titans, or N'zoth we get........cute and cuddly kung-fu pandas? Seriously!?"

"Meh I can't go back to WoW anymore. The character movements seem too dull to me now. Anyways considering the amount of time I put it in it last time, it just isn't worth it anymore," wrote a commenter going by the name ProtestHeroicX9000.

Still, the siren call of "World of Warcraft" is hard to resist. And the Blizzard community forums are filling up with excited fans waiting for their chance to play the new "WoW" content. Some have even taken to, yes, writing poetry to pass the time.

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