The New Nike Free RN 5.0 Shoes Will Make You Feel Like You're Running Barefoot

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The New Nike Free RN 5.0 Shoes Will Make You Feel Like You're Running Barefoot

Barefoot running or training in minimal footwear isn’t a new approach—and it's not without its share of controversy. One of the biggest misconceptions? Transitioning to this style of shoe will address all of your running needs (and fix any stubborn aches and pains) right away. Not quite. But with the launch of the Nike Free RN 5.0, the latest iteration from the Nike Free line, your fall marathon training might get more grounded, literally.To buy more Nike Free Running Shoes with cheap price, you can visit official website.

With the Nike Free RN 5.0, the team of designers reduced the amount of cushion that was used in earlier models to better connect your feet to the ground for enhanced foot proprioception (awareness of position and movement). The latest variation of the Nike Free is 26 percent more flexible and 2mm closer to the ground in order to closely imitate a barefoot feeling, according to a Nike News release. With these changes, your foot is able to move more freely through its natural range of motion, which can ultimately increase your foot strength.

If closer foot-to-ground contact sounds brutal, that's NBD. Nike didn't design the new kicks to be your go-to for daily runs; instead, they're supposed to be worn for strides, minimal miles, and even strength training. To shed more insight on the motivation behind the redesign (and other top-secret running things coming soon!) Nike Running held a two-day conference where some of the brand’s top footwear designers and pro runners talked about the latest updates to the Free line and what it means for us regular run-fanatics. (Related: The 2019 Shape Shoe Awards Have a Pair for Every Occasion)
“Free your foot, free your mind,” suggested Tobie Hatfield, athlete innovation director at Nike. As one of the most influential athletic footwear designers in the game, Hatfield broke down the benefits of interspersing barefoot training or using minimal footwear for both seasoned and newbie runners. For one, it helps you strengthen neuromuscular pathways (the way your brain tells your body to move) to increase muscular activation and efficiency, he says.

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