360 Finance Partners With Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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se unió: 07/12/2020

360 Finance Partners With Shanghai Jiao Tong University

("360 Finance" or the "Company"), a leading digital consumer finance platform, today announced that it participated in a ceremony at Shanghai Jiao Tong University to celebrate its new partnership with the university's Department of Computer Science and Engineering.To get more news about business school in China, you can visit acem.sjtu.edu.cn official website.

360 Finance expects to build an open academic exchange platform in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to develop top talent in artificial intelligence ("AI") and improve the disciplines within the AI field.

Mr. Haisheng Wu, Chief Executive Officer and Director of 360 Finance, commented, "Fintech is an ideal field for AI since big data and cloud computing will significantly improve the breadth of services, risk management and overall convenience of consumer finance."

Currently, the use of AI in the consumer finance industry is mainly limited to functions such as data collection, calculation model and risk control. Fintech enterprises have revolutionized the industry by changing information collection, risk pricing, decisioning, and the role of credit. However, so far AI has only had a small role and it is still not capable of powering high-level cognitive learning.

360 Finance is committed to empowering more companies with its high-end technology, but the new technology also requires high-quality talent.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks in the top-3 in China's AI field, and many graduates have gone on to establish a large number of leading AI Unicorns in China. It also trained a lot of talents that are researchers teaching at famous universities in Europe and the US.360 Finance plans to create a comprehensive development plan for global talent that integrates universities and enterprises in order to further promote the continued growth of the industry.

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