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In the summertime, your feet are free and happy in flip-flops and sandals. Your pedicured and painted toenails are also probably longer in length than you normally wear them the rest of the year since they haven't been rubbing against golden goose francy closed-toe shoes.
For this time of year the most popular shoe is the Golden Goose flip flop. Coach flip flops are available to Women Flip Flops and men is an array of styles and colors. For men there is the ever popular Signature flip flop or the mule. The mule covers the front part of the foot while leaving the back out to allow air into the shoe. These I see most often in warmer climate areas like Miami. Men wear their feet out all the time there.
In the women's collection, the Vans Company offers the Classic and Active shoes. Classic shoes have a characteristic feminine look. Active collection have the excellent shoes to keep you really Golden Goose Sale active whole day. You will find the great Vans boots and sandals here.

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